School History


Thanks to the donation from “Lions Club of Metropolitan Hong Kong”, TWGHs Lions Club of Metropolitan Hong Kong Kindergarten was founded in 2004 as the 15th kindergarten operated by Tung Wah.

Our kindergarten received the “Hong Kong Green School Award”, “Healthy Schools (Pre-school) Award”. The school is also certified as a WHO International Safe School.

Our kindergarten emphasises children’s healthy development during their childhood. Development programmes facilitative to their language, mathematics, music, arts, physical, emotional and social growth are conducted.


To enhance motivation for language learning, encourage creative thinking. We provide a caring, safe environment to facilitate learning.

What Makes Our Kindergarten Special?

We adopt “Healthy, Safe, Environment-friendly, Love and Care” as our school motto, and our commitment is to maximise students’ potential and inspire our students to become confident communicators, lifelong learners, responsible and revolutionary individuals.


Our kindergarten emphasis whole language teaching, including English and Mandarin. Various teaching and learning strategies are implemented, which include picture book scheme, art, games and self-regulated learning. An Integrated Learning Programme is designed for K3, it aims to build a good learning foundation and provide a happy, inspiring learning environment for students, preparing them for primary school.

  •  Healthy Schools (Pre-school) Award
  • WHO International Safe School
  • Social Capital Builder (SCB) Awards
  • Healthy Schools (Pre-school) Award Scheme- ilver
  • Award for Arts Education
  • Hong Kong Green School Award-Outstanding Award (Pre-School Category)
  • Occupational Health Award
  • Excellent Green Award
  • Yan Chai Hospital Moral and Civic Education Award
  • Hygiene control System Certification from the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA)
  • Pedagogical Innovations in Early Childhood Education Competition – Bronze Award form OMEP -Hong Kong
  • HK Children Speech Competition-Cantonese solo, English solo, Mandarin solo- Merit and Proficiency
  • Hong Kong Schools Speech Festivals – Cantonese solo, English solo, Mandarin solo- Merit and Proficiency
  • Hong Kong Schools Speech Festivals – Prose Reading- Proficiency
  • Hong Kong Schools Music Festivals – Kindergarten Music Activities: Singing in Chinese, English- Proficiency
  • Hong Kong Schools Music Festivals – Kindergarten Music Activities Singing in English – Merit
  • HK Regional School & HK Dance Championships- solo champion, team 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up
  • Hong Kong School DanceSport Champion
  • Territory-wide Young Children’s English Song Singing Contest- Champion
  • The Hong Kong Youth Mathematical High Achievers Selection Contest- solo-Champion, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up

Our kindergarten is spacious and well-equipped, occupies an area of 827 m². Facilities in the school include the followings :6 classrooms, Computer Room, Visual Art Room, Dance Studio, Space Station, Fitness Playground and Parent Resource Room


Adequate provision of school facilities is conducive to the improvement of the quality of education. Apart from the subvention provided by the Education Bureau, our schools are also allocated with additional funds from the Board for the procurement of furniture and equipment and the upgrading of facilities.

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